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Vintage Home Décor includes items found at Antique Stores, Fleamarkets, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales and Discount Stores. It also includes our favorite web site for vintage home accessories – eBay.com. At eBay you can find new, used and vintage items. Some are plain others luxurious – others are common place or even rare.

These items play an important role in good home interior design. You to can become an American Picker and believe me it is highly contagious. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. At Vintage Home Decor we will clearly show how to take the vintage items no one else wanted and put new life into your home. Remember – your home is where you eat, nest, sleep and dream – home is where you and your family come full circle so live simply and responsibly.

Vintage Home Decor

Decorating your home with these new found inexpensive vintage items along with your personal treasures and collectibles will add new charm and stretch your decorating budget. So why not take the opportunity to try something new and decorate with these low cost vintage items.

You will discover new ways to turn ordinary vintage items into accents and accessories. Vintage items also allow you to redecorate as often as you want by changing some of the items. Decorating your home can reflect your good taste and life style. Room by room we will present tips, ideas, examples and resources with an eye towards reuse and finding the right vintage furniture, objects and materials. But what I really hope you will take away from this web site is how much fun it is to create a Vintage Home Decor room on a budget.

Vintage Home Decor – Tips For Accomplishing Successful Result

  • Don’t be afraid to rescue antique and vintage items from certain death. Instead breathe new life into them. The possibilities are endless.
  • Look for a commonly shared theme in the things you find that can be added to accessories you already have to display in order to make them more useful, versatile or attractive.
  • Arrange your vintage home accessories with new items in groups by theme, subject, color and shape.
  • Buy It Now on unique, one of a kind vintge item or closeout item that you like. It may not be there later.
  • Be bold when purchasing Vintage Home Decor items. If it doesn’t work when you get home – give it away, resell it or hold it for another project.

Would you believe that the vintage décor items in the photo below cost a little over a $100.00. That’s a great look for your home or apartment if you are just starting out with your first home or renting an apartment for the first time. As a bonus you can take all this primitive home décor with you when you move. Let’s take a look at what was purchased, where purchased and how much money was spent.

Vintage Home Decor
Vintage Home Decor

The most expensive Vintage Home Decor item in the above picture was the antique mantle purchased for 60.00 at a local flea market. It was simply screwed to the wall and every thing else was arranged around it for an awesome look. It wasn’t refinished or painted but installed as found. That rustic décor look is what you want.

Other Vintage Home Decor items include a large trunk purchased at an estate sale for $10.00. The old books were 25¢ an inch at a local library book sale. The picture was free and found in a pile of junk next to a trash can, the old box on floor was also in the pile. The cloth and blanket came from grandma’s house. All of the smaller items like the plate, trophy’s, rug, mirrors and light fixture made from an old industrial light was found eBay.com.