10 DIY Ideas for the Bathroom

The bathroom is a room that you can’t ignore. So make modest changes to upgrade the style and function of any bathroom. By replacing the vanity and adding a few vintage accessories you to can transform a cramped outdated bath into a thing of beauty. Then warm it up with color, texture, character and more storage.

The vintage table and sink (see below) provides a theme of “Old World Charm” in this vintage bathroom. Save money by shopping at salvage stores in your area. You might be surprised at the quality of used merchandise found there.

  1.  Replace a towel bar with a row of vintage coat hooks.
  2.  Transfer grooming items from a drawer to a vintage crock or bottle.
  3.  Use an antique wooden chair to stack towels on.
  4.  Replace that old vanity with a slim wooden vintage table and small sink.
  5.  Refinish a an old mirror with a few coats of antique gold paint.
  6.  Going bold with vintage wallpaper is a great way to add color to a small bathroom.
  7.  Vintage accessories gives a basic bathroom a new personality.
  8.  New tile works magic in any bathroom by introducing texture, color and pattern.
  9.  In a small bathroom use a tall shelve unit to store towels, toiletries and supplies.
  10.  A clear vintage glass canister offers pretty storage for soap.

Vintage Bathroom Vanity Table
Vintage Bathroom Vanity Table

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