10 DIY Ideas for the Dining Room

10 DIY Ideas for the Dining Room – Take your vintage dining room from stale to awesome with just a few ideas. With these tips you can change your living room by adding style, comfort and function. A little bit of furniture arrangement and color will surely invite your family back to the dining table. Remember that comfortable casual seating in the dining room is the foundation of long lasting family gatherings.

Mismatched chairs (see below) around a simple table made of reclaimed pine and original pine floors that were sanded down slightly make this old farm house dining room beautiful and very useful for family gatherings.

  1.  Use a antique bedroom dresser as a bar, side bar or buffet.
  2.  Hang vintage family plates above sideboard in your dining table.
  3.  Re-cover seats of table chairs in vintage fabric.
  4.  Build bookcases on either side of a plain window and wall.
  5.  Add a window seat with a seat cushion between the bookcases.
  6.  Update an existing built in window seat with upholstered fluffy pillows.
  7.  Replace a formal dining set with a vintage table and mismatched chairs.
  8.  Don’t change the mirror behind a side board. Repaint it white.
  9.  In a snug dining room build benches along the wall to maximize seating.
  10.  You can also use a high back love seat instead table chairs.
  11.  Match up a classic farm table with modern laminate chairs.

Vintage Dining Room Décor
Vintage Dining Room Decor

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