10 DIY Ideas for the Entrance Way

The front entry can be changed very easily with vintage décor. Instead of offering the traditional entryway make yours vintage. Make your entrance way a welcoming station for your guest. Be bold with paint, wallpaper and accessories. The owner found the vintage items below in a local antiques shop and on eBay. The following tips opens new possibilities.

(1) Buy a small vintage dresser, table or secretary to make the entrance way feel like a decorated room.

(2) Personalize a entrance way table with vintage art and vintage collectibles.

(3) Use a small vintage box or bowl on the table as a catchall for sunglasses, keys etc.

(4) Hang a gallery of family pictures in the entrance way.

(5) Use vintage wall paper to change the look of the entrance way.

(6) Replace that old steel door with a vintage wooden door.

(7) A free standing folding screen creates an instant entry wall in a home without an entrance way.

(8) Make wall hooks for coats and purses more like wall art by attaching them to decorative plaques.

(9) Attach coat hooks to a piece of salvaged wood from an old barn.

(10) Add a bright colored rug that is durable and brightens the entrance way.

Vintage Entrance Way Décor
Vintage Entry Décor

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