15 DIY Ideas for the Kitchen

Time for a change? The kitchen works long hours and in time will look tired. Decorating the look of the busiest room in your house doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Try our 25 DIY ideas for your kitchen. These small “Do It Yourself” ideas can give any kitchen fresh appeal.






  1.  Set your vintage table with a combination of old dishes in a mix of colors and patterns.
  2.  Fill old glasses, short vases or old mugs with knives, forks and spoons.
  3.  Collect and group kitchen bowels by color or shape and display them together for a great impact on a shelf.
  4.  Use a vintage chair as an easel to display one of your art projects.
  5.  Place a vintage table lamp on a kitchen countertop for instant mood lighting.
  6.  Hang a colorful vintage metal tray or sign on the kitchen wall and use magnets to turn it into an unusual message board.
  7.  Dress up food storage containers with pretty labels.
  8.  Create a bouquet on your kitchen table with 8 small vases holding only one flower from your garden.
  9.  Remove some of the upper cabinets in a large kitchen and replace them with vintage shelving.
  10.  Remove only the doors on kitchen cabinets and replace them with glass front doors.
  11.  Replace the knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets with vintage looking reproductions.
  12.  Paint a wall in your kitchen using tinted blackboard paint and let your children do the decorating.
  13.  Turn your old stained wood island into a hardworking focal point by painting one color and the stools another.
  14.  A bench takes less space than a room full of chairs. Especially if the table is next to a wall. Build one yourself or buy one already made.
  15.  Replace dated ceramic tile countertops with granite or marble.

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