20 DIY Ideas for the Bedroom

You can redecorate your bedroom with little effort or difficulty using vintage objects and a personal touch. Vintage items can go a long way to make a bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary. A mix of styles and finishes will make your bedroom look collected and personal. Not predicable.

  1.  Add large pillows to contrast with bed pillows.
  2.  Arrange your bed to face the best view of a window.
  3.  Place at least one comfortable painted wooden chair in the bedroom.
  4.  Place a nightstand next to the bed to hold bedside items.
  5.  Use a vintage mantel as a headboard.
  6.  Place a upholstered bench at the food of the bed.
  7.  Replace old window treatment with room darkening shades.
  8.  New curtains panels should be 2 times the windows width.
  9.  Place the bed on top of a new rug.
  10.  The rug should extend 24 inches beyond the bed on 3 sides.
  11.  Create a canopy by installing shear curtain panels from the ceiling at each corner of your bed.
  12.  A mix of patterns on pillows, chairs and drapes add charm to the room.
  13.  Neutral walls and flooring offer a simple backdrop.
  14.  Use paint to enhance a vintage bed and nightstand.
  15.  Built in cabinets and shelving adds more storage in less space.
  16.  If your room is large try a traditional desk used as a nightstand.
  17.  Look for vintage four poster beds.
  18.  A circular nightstand will give you plenty of space for creative display.
  19.  A small wicker table adds a vintage look to a bedroom.
  20.  A bedroom closet needs to hold lots of stuff. Organize one wall in a closet with kitchen type cabinets.

Vintage Bedroom Décor
Vintage Bedroom Décor

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