20 DIY Ideas for the Living Room

Your style changes and so should your living room’s décor. Your ordinary living room can become a vintage living room with lots of antique accessories and smart color choices. Just a small effort can add up to big rewards in your new vintage living room. These small “Do It Yourself” ideas can give any living room fresh appeal.

  1.  Collect vintage objects by category, color, shape and display together.
  2.  Use vintage trays to display objects on a coffee table or any thing used as a coffee table such as a old trunk.
  3.  Tuck a prized family picture into the frame of a mirror or print.
  4.  Make a end table by stacking old suitcases one on top the other next to your favorite chair.
  5.  Arrange old books by color.
  6.  Arrange vintage accessories by color on the mantel.
  7.  Experiment with new options – rearrange the furniture.
  8.  Toss a throw over the back of a couch for a quick color change.
  9.  Hang a large piece of art off center above a sofa.
  10.  Change the shades on end table lamps.
  11.  Hang mirrors on a wall opposite windows to add natural light to the room.
  12.  Spray paint a lamp base in bold new fresh colors.
  13.  Replace the old out dated sofa pillow’s.
  14.  Change the vintage accessories on the mantel to reflect the season.
  15.  Make a small window seem larger by installing curtain panels just beyond the window on both sides.
  16.  Use furniture sliders to move larger sofa’s around the living room.
  17.  Living rooms need a contrasting colors for visual success.
  18.  The fireplace wall should become the focal point in the room.
  19.  L shaped sectional sofa and a pair of chairs can offer plenty of room for casual gatherings.
  20.  Store firewood in a large vintage crock, basket, coal bucket or copper pot on the hearth.

Vintage Living Room
Vintage Living Room

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