Crackled Paint

All it takes to create a distressed do-it-yourself antique is an afternoon. If you like to do it yourself and have the pleasure of creating things then crackled painting might be for you. Crackled paint is a special effects painting technique that gives vintage status to formerly uninspiring chairs, dressers and picture frames.

Creating a vintage crackled paint finish is fun, easy and economical when using common school glue and paint. This amazing technique makes wooden furniture look old and distressed. This technique is easy and there are many ways to make wood look old. Follow these simple steps below to achieve a nice crackle finish every time.

Crackled Paint Chair
Crackled Paint Chair

Crackled Paint – DIY Crackle Finish

  • Paint the surface of your piece with a base coat of your choice and allow to dry completely.
  • Apply any common school glue on top of base coat in small sections.
  • Thin applications of glue will result in small cracks.
  • Thick applications of glue will result in larger cracks.
  • Brushing on a thin coat of glue will create small long cracks.
  • Before the glue dry completely or while it is tacky apply top coat.
  • Allow to dry over night.

Crackled Paint Cabinet
Crackled Paint Cabinet

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