Fireplace Mantel Headboard

Have you been pricing bedroom furniture recently? It isn’t cheap so, how do you decorate a bedroom on a budget? You must first choose a focal point or main point of interest in the bedroom. In the bedroom the headboard is usually the focal point and it should have a big impact. A vintage fireplace mantel is one way to get a unique look to any bedroom.

Every time a home or old building such as a hotel is torn down, fireplace mantels and lots of other architectural pieces are removed. These architectural objects including mantels are loaded with character so try to salvage and re-purpose what you can. You can find discarded mantels at architectural salvage stores, antique stores, flea markets and even on line. They not only looks great but also can provide some display space on top for some special vintage accessories.

Vintage fireplace Mantel Headboard
Vintage Fireplace Mantel Headboard

Here is how you can make a mantel your headboard. First you must find a vintage fireplace mantel from one of the sources mentioned above.

Fireplace Mantel Headboard Assembly

  • Sand the mantel and put a fresh coat of paint or leave vintage chipped and cracked paint patina as is. Your choice.
  • Fill in the center with fabric. Cut a piece of plywood one inch smaller around top and sides. Apply thick foam to the wood with glue. Wrap a few layers of cotton batting around the foam. Secure the cotton batting to the back with a staple gun. Then cover the cotton batting with a fabric of your choice using a staple gun.
  • The panel can them be attached to the mantel from the back side using wood or flat metal brackets.
  • Decide the desired height of the headboard. It should be above the mattress.
  • Hanging the mantel. Attach to the wall using construction adhesive and or wood screws.

Fireplace Mantle Headboard Ideas

Ornate Vintage Fireplace Mantel
Ornate Vintage Fireplace Mantel

Old Stripped Pine Fireplace Mantel
Old Paint Stripped Pine Fireplace Mantel

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