Painted Chandeliers

Do you have a boring old light fixture that you would like to restore? Brighten up your living room, dinning room or entrance way in your home with a custom painted vintage chandeliers and do it yourself. A bold color looks sophisticated against a neutral background.

Most old light fixtures used in the last 20 or 30 years are what is called bright brass or antique brass. You to can restore one of these old light fixtures with just a spray can of primer and paint. Just take it down, give it a coat of paint, and reinstall it! Make sure to tape up the electrical wires.

Don’t have an old chandelier or vintage light fixture? You can easily find affordable used chandeliers at thrift stores, garage sales and even on line.

Painted Chandeliers - Light Fixture
How To Update A Chandeliers With Spray Paint

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a chandelier for your vintage dining room is the size of the room and the size of the chandelier. Mini chandeliers and light fixtures can work in small rooms. Medium sized chandeliers work great in traditional dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Large chandeliers should be used in large formal dining rooms and grand entrance ways.

Painted Chandeliers
White Painted Chandelier

Chandeliers and Safety

Be sure that the electrical junction box in your ceiling is secured and rated for the extra weight that a vintage chandelier will have. Larger chandeliers can work in smaller rooms as long as they don’t hang to low. Most chandeliers come with an adjustable rod or chain so you can alter the hanging height as needed.

Vintage Painted Light Fixture
Vintage Painted Light Fixture

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