Vintage Bedroom

Vintage Bedroom – It’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Yes, it is your Vintage Bedroom Decor. It should be the room that you love best of all the rooms in your Vintage Home Decor decorated rooms.

There is no more personal a space in your entire home that you are obligated to make it nothing less than your very own extremely comfortable paradise. A Primitive Décor bedroom should be as comfortable and relaxing as humanly possible.

You spend one-third of your life in the vintage bedroom. Every Vintage Bedroom requires some of the same basic things. You need a place to sleep, someplace to put your things while you sleep, storage for your cloth, lighting and some place to just sit. Very little of the above should match and of course the room should contain lots of vintage accessories. The best bedroom layout is when it is divided into zones that include one to sleep, sit, dress and store.

Vintage Bedroom Decor
Vintage Bedroom

The above bedroom has all the elements of a simple design scheme. It has an elegant antique iron bed, vintage spread, one of grandma’s blankets, old chair, retro lighting and lots of vintage accessories. Including a wonderful old book case with old paint to display the vintage accessories.

Picture Frame Shadow BoxPicture Frame Shadow Box

Tip – A broken vintage picture frame can be repurposed as a shadow box with shelves to display, old postcards, family photo’s, old perfume bottles, small ceramic objects or other Vintage Accessories for a great look. Hang it on the bedroom wall or place it on a antique table.

Vintage Bedrooms – Tips For Buying Vintage Beds

  • Don’t be afraid to buy your vintage beds on line. More choices than local antique stores.
  • Measure the space where the bed will go and carry the measurements with you to flea markets and auctions.
  • Ask to see the bed put together to make sure that all the parts fit and nothing is missing for your Vintage Bedroom.
  • Remember that Queen and King size beds were not used until the 1950s.
  • Most antique bed frames and headboards are single or full size.
  • Antique beds full size work great in guest rooms.
  • Massive headboards or tall canopy beds will overwhelm a small bedroom.
  • Your choice keep as found, refinish or paint.
  • You can easily make your own slats out of 1 by 6 by 3/4 inch pine boards. Second add a L bracket on either end to keep the slats from falling off.

Vintage Bedroom furniture
Vintage Bedroom

Whether you load the bed with pillows or layers of fine linen old wooden beds like this one look great in your Vintage Bedroom and/or Vintage Home Décor. A braided rug is a practical choice in this vintage bedroom setting.

Vintage Bed RailsVintage Bed Rails

Tip – Full size vintage bed rails are to short for a queen size mattress. A simple fix is welding an extension to the rails to make them longer. Most towns and cities have welding shops and if not try cutting the rails and bolting an extension of angle iron on to make them longer. Most hardware stores or lumber yards have angle iron.

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