Vintage Kitchens

Elegant vintage kitchens are all about great accessories and style. Cheap vintage home décor can be fun. Which means that you are officially free to accessorize it with junk anyway you want to. When searching for vintage materials to re-purpose in a Kitchen; choose pieces such as ornate metal items, Decorative Glass and architectural salvage items. Objects like these will blend nicely with the look you have already established in the rest of your Vintage Home Decor.

When decorating you kitchen with vintage accessories try using Clutter Control. Under the clutter control plan try storing some of your vintage finds then rotate these objects in your vintage kitchen every month or two. The rotated items will seem like newly purchased stuff. Don’t let your home become an overwhelming mess, apply clutter control to not only your kitchen but you other rooms as well.

Vintage Kitchens
A Red Vintage Kitchens

Modern Retro Inspired Vintage Kitchens

Modern kitchens can look boring due to a lack of color and style. The kitchen is the heart of your home and a vintage kitchen should have bright colors and beautiful pastels. It should be warm and inviting like the modern day vintage retro inspired kitchen above.

Vintage Lunch BoxVintage Lunch Box

Tip – What’s a good choice for a vintage kitchen? How about a grid of open shelves with a collection of vintage lunch boxes. They are very colorful and many were made with food themes like this Froot Loops Vintage Lunch Box with Toucan Sam.

Vintage Kitchens
Awesome Vintage Kitchens Look

Bold colors, stainless steel and straight line contribute to this awesome modern day re-model of a vintage kitchen. Notice that the clutter is missing in the above vintage kitchen. The vintage look was done with the 4 different appliances and very few vintage accessories. You will love the outcome of a vintage kitchen without clutter and chaos.

On the other hand. A sparkling contemporary kitchen of modern wood cabinets, stainless steel and granite may not seem like a good candidate for vintage objects. But, re-claimed vintage accessories blend in very well that it is hard to tell what’s junk and what’s not.

Vintage Kitchen TableVintage Kitchen Table

Tip – Every family needs a little spot in the Vintage Kitchen.  A place where they sit down for a cup of coffee in the morning or a quick lunch. A round 1960s era retro kitchen table with a chrome edge and legs.  This one can be found for $200.00 to $300.00 online.

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