Vintage Living Room

A Vintage Living Room should be warm, comfortable and inviting. When shopping a web site seek out ordinary items that you can turn into something you like and will work together. Your accessories should boasts comfort and style without overdoing a room.

Instead of buying a new piece of furniture, rearrange what you already have in your living room. You might be surprised how an old familiar piece will look in a different location. Don’t arrange all your furniture against the wall. Angle a sofa when you can and position a narrow table behind it with lots of accessories you found on line. Another great tip is to re-cover that favorite chair in vintage fabric. eBay has lots of great old fabric. Consider it vintage material if it’s from the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s.

Vintage Living Room
Vintage Living Room

A great looking living room is a blend of assorted ingredients: a wonderful old armchair, vintage wood coffee table, wood burning stove, antique side bar, molding components at the ceiling and exceptional junk accessories.

Give your grandmothers sturdy wood framed sofa a second look and reupholster. Hang on to period pieces that are well made and suited to your to your home decor. When looking for a vintage sofa look for one with three or four front legs. However, they are hard to find because they often represented superior craftsmanship. Mix and match sofas and large chairs that have ornate external wood frames.

Suitcase TableOld Suitcase Table

Tip – An old suit case adds a touch of warmth to any living room or bedroom space. If you need a side table or coffee table make one out of an old suitcase on top of old oak table legs or just add salvaged legs to the bottom for that special touch.

Vintage Living Room
Vintage Living Room

A fireplace For Your Vintage Living Room

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves aren’t always energy efficient. However, as far as decorating goes, a fireplace is prime real estate for the adornment given by a wonderful old mantel. A mantel can be used to display your collections of vintage accessories. Including antique farmhouse items and rustic antique home décor for your soon to be awesome Vintage Living Room.

Using vintage objects in your Vintage Home Decor is an enjoyable way to decorate any home. Architectural or ornamental pieces can be hung on the wall or used as bookends. Interesting old picture frames, wooden molds, old tools and Historical Memorabilia look great in a collection on the wall or on a shelf. Mirror’s can also be part of any décor. Look for those with beveled edges, ornate frames and unusual shapes.

matching salvaged corbelsMatching Salvaged Corbels

Tip – Architectural remnants like these matching salvaged corbels make great book ends. These 2 pieces couldn’t be more perfect with its chipped paint and original coat showing. In architecture a corbel is a bracket or structural piece made of wood or stone.

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